18:36 Thursday, August 08 2019

44 in 9.5

Since many countries won't permit you to enter if you have fewer than 6 months validity remaining, it was time to renew my (first!) passport. The first one treated me well, granting me entry into 44 different countries.

South Korea, Sweden, South Africa

South Africa, Senegal, United Kingdom, Argentina

Namibia, Taiwan, Senegal, Iceland, Germany

Mexico, Senegal, Oman, Iran

Sri Lanka, Senegal, Ethiopia, Singapore, Thailand,

The Gambia, Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau, Senegal


Taiwan, Senegal, South Korea, Sweden, Norway


Japan, China, Peru

China, Aruba

Curacao, New Zealand, Taiwan



Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Tanzania

China, UAE

Oman, Cambodia, Germany, South Korea



South Korea, UAE, Kazakhstan

Should be interesting to see how the next 10 years turns out.