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Denise’s sister is having a baby shower in September, and Denise has wanted to go (to Pennsylvania), but we’ve had difficulty working out the logistics. Last week Denise suggested that we effectively take separate vacations, her to PA, me & David somewhere else. We finally hashed out the details, and I’m going to take the last third of Sept off from work while Denise flies to PA. Now I need to figure out where David & I are going to go for 8 or 9 days. I’ve got a few ideas kicking around in my head, but nothing concrete:
* Tour some national parks in CA (Death Valley, King’s Canyon, Sequoia, maybe Joshua Tree)
* Tour some national parks in Utah (Zion, Cedar Breaks, Capital Reef, Glen Canyon, Rainbow Bridge & Arches)
* Somewhere north or northeast, like WA & OR, or maybe over to Yellowstone (although I’m not sure if winter weather will have set in already).
* Something else altogether
decisions, decisions…

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