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Customers are idiots. Most of the time. It boggles my mind how customers who are shipping me hardware to address potential bugs do a horrific job properly packaging up said hardware. On Friday I received a system from a customer in Germany. They put the system into a flat panel display box(!?) and used the styrofoam from the display to attempt to cushion it. When I unboxed it, the system looked to be in ok condition (although the styrofoam was broken in several places), but it wouldn’t power on. Then today, another customer ships a large workstation. They literally filled the box about 2/3 full with foam packing peanuts, and dropped the box in, so that it was floating in the sea of packing peanuts. During shipping the cover for the system came lose, and the peanuts proceeded to fill up the inside of the case. It took nearly an hour to clean it out sufficiently to power the system up. Amazingly, it seems to be undamaged.

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  1. msucks 2006-05-16

    Man, why do you complain? Isn’t this exactly your job and don’t you get paid for this _service_?
    or, why aren’t you replaced by simple script
    which always answers:
    1. run bug-report.sh and post the output
    2. thank you, we’re working on it!
    3. it’ll be fixed in the next release and please continue to buy our products!
    Btw, it’s a good idea to _compress_ the bugreport.log in the bugreport.sh script!

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