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This week, I officially spent more on a gallon of gas than ever before. $3.08/gallon. Absolutely ridiculous.
Oh, and today is the 3 year anniversary/birthday of LlamaLand. I’m kinda surprised that I’ve kept this gripe & rantfest going for 3 years.

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  1. msucks 2006-04-29

    $3.08 per gallon? that’s nothing, we pay up to 5€ (=$5) for nearly 3,78 Liters (=1 gallon) and I’ve a vague suspicion that these prices won’t go down to normal anytime soon, so it’s probably better to get rid of all those gas guzzler.

  2. Net Llama! 2006-04-30

    Yea, I know that gasoline, for the most part, is more expensive just about everywhere else on the planet than in the US. But the sticker shock remains. I remember back in the summer of 1999 when gas was $0.85/gallon (yes, under $1). The fact that the price has basically quadrupled in the past 7 years is ridiculous. Even worse is how Dubya keeps throwing his hands in the air and claiming that nothing can be done about it (other than relaxing pollution restrictions). *sigh*

  3. msucks 2006-05-01

    Ever been to Egypt? $0.26 per gallon.
    Damn, those ****ing oil brokers, they buy it for less than $0.25/gallon and sell it for $3/gallon => ~$2.75 went into their pockets for every gallon. Man… I really wish, I could get into this business.

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