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Via jwz, I’ve found this jewel. It still somewhat amazes me how the overwhelming majority of the very limited press coverage of the Colbert While House Press Correspondant’s Dinner can be summed up as either “it wasn’t funny” or “it wasn’t funny”. The sad thing is the current group of supposed candidates for 2008 are fairly craptastic too. There’s Hillary, who annoys the hell out of me as nothing more than a political opportunist hack. There’s McCain who seems to go wherever the wind blows. There are a few others whose name I’ve heard kicked about (Kerry, jebus, he sucked the last time, please don’t waste anyone’s votes again),(ex-Virginia governor Waner, who seems to be popular in some circles, but has no real national or international experience), and a bunch of other no-name, conservative zealot red-state governors. feh

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  1. msucks 2006-05-08

    so, what do you think? Is the reason, why next to all politicans are lazy idiots, that they’ve a 120 min launch break too?

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