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In what was a big shock, I got my Passat back today! The autoshop had been jerking us around for days, and then I got a call this afternoon telling me that I could pick it up at 5PM. It looks ok at this point, but its too soon to tell if its running like it should. I guess i’ll find out on my commute on Monday.

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  1. msucks 2006-05-06

    so, what does the passat now look like…
    spoilers, 21″ rims and other gimmicks?
    btw, is there any change to get an _edit_ button?

  2. Net Llama! 2006-05-06

    The Passat looks the same as it did originally. Its the base model, no extras, with auto transmission.
    Sorry, no edit button.

  3. msucks 2006-05-06

    yea, you’ve done it right! _pimping_ a VW passat is like overclocking a GF 6200… you can do it, but don’t except you can shake off a Ferrari…

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