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fish tank & the brothers warner

On Friday night, I watched Fish Tank, a story of a British teenage girl in a horrible family situation. Really really bleak & depressing is the best way to describe the emotional impact of this film. This girl has a non-existent father, her mother might as well not be present, as she ignores her kids while sleeping around with random men and getting passed out drunk. Throughout, I was so conflicted with my feelings for the girl, as she wasn’t the most likable person, but at the same time, much of it wasn’t directly her fault. Yet it was clear that she just needed one positive influence to help her escape from this miserable life. Unfortunately, disappointment is key, and it was just a matter of choosing which of many bad endings would take hold.
Last night, we watched The Brothers Warner, a documentary that showed the creation and history of the Warner Brothers film studio, through the eye of the grand-daughter of one of the Warner brothers. It was ok, but nothing spectacular. The story felt really slow, and they ruined the ending by showing you how it all turns out in the first few minutes.

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