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Since returning from the trip, I’ve been moderately busy.
Two days ago, I performed the first yum based upgrade from F9 to F10 at home. I’m pleased to report that it completed without incident. In fact, this might have been the easiest, fastest yum upgrade ever. The entire thing completed in about 2 hours, with just 48 seconds of downtime.
I also picked about 15 oranges off the tree, with at least that many still on the tree, but not fully ripened. It looks like the tangerines are going to be ready for picking within the next 7-10 days. The citrons are mostly ready already, but I haven’t found the motivation to start juicing the footballs just yet, so I’ll leave them on the tree for a bit longer.
A few weeks ago we noticed that the largest, top kitchen cabinet door’s top hinge had suffered some kind of metal fatigue, and cracked, leaving it dangling on a single screw. Since then, the pin inside the hinge has started to bend ominously, and I’ve had visions of the door suddenly breaking free and crashing into someone’s head. This morning I made a quick trip to OSH, and picked up a new pair of hinges for about $6. After much muttering & grunting, and a ton of help from Denise, I replaced both hinges and we’re back in business.
I (foolishly) checked my work email for the first time since Dec 24 this afternoon to find 172000 new messages. Yes, 172k new messages. Prior to leaving for the holidays we shut all the systems down, however it seems like there was some kind of power spike on Dec 28, as a number of systems in one of the three labs came back on, and then freaked out when the database that they replied upon wasn’t responding (because it remained down, as it should). They then proceeded to spam panic emails every 60 seconds to the group mailing list, resulting in 172k thousand emails over the past 6 days. And of course the super M-Sexchange server is taking about 5 seconds to delete each message. *sigh*

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